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Dear guests of the Hotel Restaurant Böhm,


After long considerations we decided not to open the gastronomic operation of the Restaurant Böhm under the currently known and published state conditions.


Our first priority is the safety of our employees and guests. Secondly, the Bavarian cosiness with appropriate service (sitting and ratcheting, the one or other beer after dinner, ...) and in third place an economic feasibility. In our opinion, all this is currently not possible in our premises with the conditions imposed.


Unlike our restaurant, our hotel is open for you. We still offer our hotel rooms as well as breakfast and are looking forward to your overnight stay request.


We will react as soon as there are further developments and re-evaluate every situation. This means that we will be happy to post the next developments here again.


Stay healthy and hope to see you soon!


Heinrich Böhm with the team of the Hotel Restaurant Böhm